Tuesday, May 26, 2009

brenna may 2009

Brenna is doing good. She goes to daycare everyday while I am at work and she loves it. She absolutely loves her teachers!! She is getting so smart. She knows what a monkey, lion, puppy, and kitty cat sound like. She is getting really good at her sign language and is able to sign and say what she is trying to say. I love it, I am trying to learn more and more sign language so I can continue it with Brenna. Luckly I work with an awesome lady and she knows a lot of sign language and is teaching me more.

May 2009

Long time since I wrote an update on our family here in Hawaii, so here it goes: We just moved into a new house on base, they are getting ready to tear our old house down and build neew housing to replace it. It is a really nice house with carpet and tile, a huge upgrade from what we had before. The yard is muge smaller than what we had but the rest of the house is huge!!! We are much closer to the ocean and you can see it from the master bedroom windows.