Saturday, November 15, 2008

brennas 1st birthday

Well, Brenna is 1 years old and is doing great! She is not walking but is getting pretty close to it. She has 5 teeth, 3 on the top and 2 on the bottom. She is still petite and wieghs 18 pounds. I guess you could say that Brennas first word was "hi". She says hi to everyone and even waves!! It is way cute! Overall, she is doing really well and is a joy to be around. Here are some pictures of her first time eating cake!!!

Jordans promotion ceremony

Jordan got promoted to Sgt. on October 1st. He was also named NCO of the quarter. Here are some pictures from his promotion ceremony. I kind of look a mess becuase I had to walk there and I got there just in time to pin him. Needless to say, I almost missed it!!