Friday, May 30, 2008

Baby Hui

As some of you already know, Brenna goes to a playgroup every Thursday called Baby Hui. Hui is Hawaiian for group. Brenna seems to have fun and is very active at the playgroup. Yesterday she was crawling all over the blanket and sucking on all the toys. She even has a lil boyfriend there and his name is Axel (her daddy is proud that she picked a boy with a cool name). Yesterday, Brenna was being a lil bully. She was pulling hair and hitting the other kids. She was even taking toys from the other kids. So I had to tell her to be nice!!!!

Today I am starting a new sleeping and napping routine with Brenna. She is still not sleeping through the night and it is driving me nuts!!!! Soo........ we are starting with napping first. I am going to put her down every 2 hours for a nap and have her in her bed for 1 and a half hours. If she cries, after 5 min I am going in and calming her down and putting her back down in her bed. The next time, I am waiting 7 minutes gradually increase the time as we go through this new routine. I have read a book called the Baby Whisperer and this is a techinque in book. One of the moms at Baby Hui was going to try it but she has twins and it wouldnt work very well with twins. So far so good. Brenna is down for nap 1 of the day and I only had to go in there once and she has been a asleep for 45 min. That is a record for her.

Well...... that is it for now, I am sure I will have more later!!! We miss and love everyone back home!!!!!!

Jordan, Shelly, Brenna, Lily, and Joey!!!!!

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