Tuesday, May 26, 2009

brenna may 2009

Brenna is doing good. She goes to daycare everyday while I am at work and she loves it. She absolutely loves her teachers!! She is getting so smart. She knows what a monkey, lion, puppy, and kitty cat sound like. She is getting really good at her sign language and is able to sign and say what she is trying to say. I love it, I am trying to learn more and more sign language so I can continue it with Brenna. Luckly I work with an awesome lady and she knows a lot of sign language and is teaching me more.

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ice_dancer11 said...

hey, my name is brenna, and im a 14 year old girl. i was google-ing "brenna" and was accidentally on images, i saw this ADORABLE baby which linked me to your website.. such a cute little baby :) I, myself have never met anyone named brenna and am reassured to know there is now another brenna in the world. god bless her, and all of you.